Polytech is a young and dynamic Italian company, part of the German multinational group PERI SE. Founded a few years ago as a research and development center, Polytech has already established itself in the national and international panorama of manufacturers of innovative and original construction equipment. The network of production sites begins in Northern Italy and then expands into India and Malaysia. Polytech items are shipped and can be purchased worldwide.
While creating its products, Polytech pays great attention to the quality of materials and the processes chosen to reach the desired result, always trying to guarantee the best. Everything is carefully monitored and inspected, both during the prototyping and testing phase (such as static and dynamic load tests, temperature, environmental and aging tests), and subsequently in series production phases.
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Polytech was born in 2012. On the impulse of Engineer Kai Hollmann, an innovation manager who has devoted particular attention for several years to the real needs of construction sites in the world. PERI SE, a world leader in the industry, acknowledged the actual need to focus together on the design of lightweight, universally applicable, sustainable and durable solutions. Hence the desire to once again be the innovators of the industry and therefore to create a research and development center dedicated to building equipment in polymeric materials. They founded a company with the right technical skills that could find solutions to the real needs of the markets, exploiting the peculiarities of innovative materials.
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